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LiveJournal for Yanagi Uta.

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Wednesday, August 10th, 2005

Subject:I ain't too good with titles.
Time:10:34 pm.
Mood: creative.

Ain’t much has changed. The heat is always hot, an’ the desert is always beautiful. I’ve been trainin’ here, all on my lonesome, but I dun mind. As long as I’m away from people, an’ keepin’ Number One under control I’m pretty happy. Itio keeps bringin’ me cigarettes, yesterday though he told me he ain’t gunna be around for a while. He’s beein’ sent on a mission.

Gaara-sama an’ Temari’ve left tae the Leaf. Whut is it I hear ‘bout Temari getting’ married tae some Leaf brat? Not the lazy one, but the Byakugan kid..ugh. That ain’t well, I hope tae everythin’ that’s sacred that reunion will not happen. Yah know how damn horrible ‘eir life together’ill be? Can ya imagine?

This place is serene an’ quiet. I’m getting’ used tae solitude o’ the night dunes an’ the wind. We had a sand storm a few nights ago, but it ain’t like we never had a sand storm back home. Home. That word, somehow, makes me nostalgic. I do miss the Sunagakure, I miss my team, I miss my home. It ain’t much, but it’s all I’ve got. Memories that’ve been buried under the sand, turned out tae be not buried at all.

It surprises me how no one has managed tae ransack this little place, my sensei never locked tha damn doors. I remember bein’ so damn surprised as a kid that he ain’t never had a door locked. But people respected’im enough tae make sure ‘is place never got robbed. Not tae mention once when younger, he saved some bandit’s life or somethin’… at times merchants stop’ere, cuz right behind the hut there’s a beautiful, clean an’ cold pool with springs carried from the underground. ‘ey stop to re-fill ‘eir water supply an’ give water to ‘eir animals.

Somehow, I’ve been receivin’ gifts fer lettin’em use the thing. I dunno why ‘ey keep on insistin’ on givin’ me stuff, but I guess ‘ey’ve been always doin’ this, while my sensei wus alive. I dun need half o’these things ‘ey keep on givin’ me, but yesterday I’ve gotten this beautiful pin, it’s a hair pin with a fan on it. Imma gunna keep it, till Itio comes back an’ pass it tae Temari. I dun need hair pins, my hair is short enough.

The rumor is true, surprisingly. Jiriaya-sama is comin’ tae Suna with an assistant an’ a gaki in tow. I’m not makin’ any hopes, but I’m hopin’ he’d stop by. Ya know, it ain’t every day ya get tae find a man that knows how to please a woman, an’ I’m one tough girl tae please. So whut if he’s twice my age…. He’s still damn good lookin’ an’..well I won’t go there. But I’m nearly sure he’s forgotten all’bout me, which is a shame.

I’ve been workin’ on my control o’er the demon an’ it seems that Number One’s been respondin’ well tae it. I hope everythin’s well, an’ Gaara-sama’s takin’ care’o’imself. Maybe, if ain’t nuttin’s gunna happen till next month, Imma gunna take a trip tae the little village south from’ere. See if I can find somethin’ else tae do, besides trainin’ an’ readin’ all damn day long.

Thank God fo’ the enourmous amount o’sake I wus able tae score from one o’the merchants. I wonder how Tsunade-sama’s doin’….
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Sunday, July 17th, 2005

Time:6:16 pm.
I remember m'self growin' up.
When my sensei wus still alive, an' my brother an' I were givin'im so much trouble, we usta inhabit this particular little oasis where Gakusha sensei had a small, wooden house.

The memories 'ey flood these empty walls. The desert around this place is majestic an' I sometimes feel so lucky tae be able tae withstand desert's harsh conditions.

Fo' the past few months I've been tryin' tae forget 'bout whut happened. The three tail's been quiet, not willin' tae admit'is loss tae Tanuki. Gaara-sama wus great, he's become a true example of strength and beauty. I ain' too sad about bein' kicked outa the village. It prolly means my career as a ninja is as good as over...well maybe not. Depends on how soon the stubborn demon agrees tae speak tae me.

I dun wanna think o'all the things I've done wrong. Perhaps it's the time tae fix mistakes an' have some sorta different direction in life. Itio is late with my god damn cigarettes.

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Tuesday, May 17th, 2005

Subject:It's been a week.
Time:8:55 am.
Mood: contemplative.
I refuse food an' take in only water.
My body is growin' weaker, but since Number One's been sealed I ain't afraid.
Death is on the horison but I dun fear it.
I've lived a good life.
I'll die a good death.

Such is a life o'a ninja.
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Tuesday, May 10th, 2005

Subject:I am impressed tae be alive still.
Time:9:11 am.
Mood: apathetic.
I dun remember much.
But I ain't gunna say it wusn't my fault. I wanted tae make as much o'a good promise on helpin' this village as I could, that I've lost track o'the most important things in life. Well, for me, anyway.

Number One. I've come to rely on'im so much that in my foolish nature I began believin' he wus like me. Last thing I remember I wus in my office, doin' more paperwork...

Next thing I know, Kankuro's on the ground an' I am breakin' his shoulder. Well...I'm not, but HE is. I've tried tae regain control only tae be pushed in the back o'is conciousness. It's the same place, I get tae be in during the Body Switch Jutsu....it's hard tae describe that place. It's like a movie theater, with lotsa empty seats an' a big screen. An' everythin' he does, I see. Everythin' he did before I also see. I saw the useless deaths o'my former comrades, the guards....

The girl....I saw whut Number One put'er through. There ain't a beginin' or end tae the horror. The girl's been through so much....'er past...she re-lived it over, an' over. An' every time there wus a new twist on the events. I wanted tae not see it, but there wus no where to go. Nehorin, I am deeply sorry.

I've tried, several times tae regain control on'im, but it wusn't till he dumped my body that I wus able tae gain access out o'that room. That horrible, horrible room. I can't even begin tae describe how painfull the Body Switch Jutsu is. Yer soul is torn outa yer body, and placed somewhere else. After the blindin' pain, however, while I am in 'is domain, all my senses get flooded with euphoric feelin'. it's like I'm god....but it's only a trick..foolishness that I've taught myself not tae give much thought.

Gaara showed up. Number One tried tae fight, but I wusn't gunna stand back an' watch 'im do Gaara the same way as he did Nehorin. Three Tails is eventually stronger than one, but this time Shukaku had one good advantage - he wus workin' WITH Gaara, not against'im.

I nearly died before the Sand spewed out my body an' I wus released back. For a few moments I laid in shock from the indescribable pain o'havin' yer soul shoved violently back in. I know, I'll be in pain for a while. We waited till others got 'ere.

I made no attempt to avoid the guards arrestin' and disablin' me.
I've been in this prison for two days now..At least 'ey're kind enough tae allow me some cigarettes. The cell is sealed an' even IF Number One attempted tae escape once more, there ain't much he can do.

I'm facin' the Council soon.
For whut he's done, I am sorry.
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Wednesday, April 27th, 2005

Subject:It's been wonderful, but it's time for it to end.
Time:9:28 am.
Mood: devious.
Ah, yes. Yes. It is time for it to end.
Poor Yanagi-chan, she worked herself thin for this village who doesn't appreciate it. She needs to be feared, not loved or respected. Humanity is foolish, and I shall play on that foolishness.

He poses no threat to me, for it was I who helped to imprison him within those walls in the first place! Ah, feel the hate. It makes me...what's the human word for it? Happy. I know, you must have felt it, you pathetic excuse for a demon. Does that boy hold so much control over you that you cannot speak? Or act? Well, of course he does. You are too weak to even get yourself up from your knees. Well, I guess I will have to pick up your slack, won't I?

Temari, such a wonderful girl she is. Too bad she has to go. Yanagi-chan has developed an attachment to her, her and the other two little meat bags that run around. No big deal, Temari's lover will take care of her. What? You don't know what I am talking about? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. How interesting. Ah, yes. She's quite attractive. Well....let me rephrase myself, her NIGHTMARES are quite delicious. Illiterate human that she is she has made a vital, deadly mistake. What mistake you wonder?

Two words.

Yakushi, Kabuto.

Ah, yes. He plagues her dreams quite often. She's not afraid of death, it's failure that she resents so much. Fears, doubts. They're quite delicious. It was I who sent the certain criminal the Yamanaka Ino was tracking down, to the sound with the information about the scroll. Amusing, no?

Yanagi-chan, of course, does not know a single thing about this. You see, the lapses in her memory are quite frequent and she has been too afraid to admit to herself that she is loosing the ONLY battle that she set out to fight. And that's to tame me, and keep me under control. But..I am not surprised. She's a marvelous speciment as a human...but she'll make an even better demoness.

Hmmmm. I've grown bored and tired of waiting. I shall go amuse myself with a few guards..let see how well they will react to their beloved "Kazekage-sama" killing them. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Shukaku, I hope you will hear the call of blood and will finally gather your lost wits and come at me. I have been cooped up for too long.....I need to start a great war...

And a great war it will be.
Blood. Everywhere. Pain, screaming. The music to my ears. But I will start with you, Shukaku and that human boy you are a slave of. After all.....aren't you at least a LITTLE bit mad for what I did to you?

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Thursday, April 21st, 2005

Time:8:49 am.
Mood: humble.
Private, Gaara onlyCollapse )
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Time:1:29 am.
Mood: creative.
I've finally got some time tae talk to the Council 'bout my decision.
Ya shoulda seen 'eir faces...

Well...I guess I'd be the first one tae do this thing, but I really do believe I ain't fit to be the Kage no more. The strongest ninja should protect the village, an' from whut I've seen, I ain't the strongest no more.

Gaara makes me so proud.
I believe he'll make a great Kage someday - I think half of the Council agrees with me, cuz 'ey've been watchin'im. I know, 'ey've been watchin'im.

He changed. So much. It ain't quite clear whut made'im change (tae me at least) but he made the 180 degree turn around... He's been growin' emotionally stronger, much stronger than I've ever seen 'im be. All three of'em matured a lot in the past year..an' I ..heh.

Well, I got older. I'm watchin'im closely...I wanna know if the change is true...an' whut I see makes me happy. It seems that impossible has finally happened..

He's no longer a monster...no longer a weapon. He has learned the value of human life... He, 'imself, has become a HUMAN BEING. I think this child....well, I can't even call'im a child no more, he's matured so much...I think this young man...has one helluva bright future ahead'o'im.

That brings joy tae this ol' heart.
But first things first, I cannot surrender my position right away, of course. I hafta make sure all the missions, important ones, have been taken' care o'. I'm sorry, Temari but if I thought I coulda given ya more tae rest, I woulda. But, it ain't happenin' no time soon. In the past year, there's been a few interestin' discoveries...an' I'd love tae take care'o'em now, but I can't.

I've got OTHER things tae do, plus..
I dun think I can TRUST anyone with this.
However, I found out that this..particular mission involves a certain leaf anbu.
She's a jounin now I believe.
Kids grow up so fast.

Kankuro, whut the hell are these three blockheads doin' in the palace?
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Thursday, April 14th, 2005

Time:11:52 am.
Mood: aggravated.
I signed up for Sunagakure Idol Yesterday~ The judges were so deafened pleased with my singing and the fact that I wore nothing dancing that I have GOT the golden ticket~~ I AM GOING TO KONOHA~~ WAIIIIII!!

What is it I hear about TenTen taking over? I hope it's not going to change the game, I mean I NEED MY FUCKING SPOTLIGHT YOU TIGHT BUNNED LITTLE BITCH!!!! And I don't mean buns on your ass!

Ahem...I mean. I am so looking forward meeting everyone!!
Wai! Must go diet. My ass looks slightly bigger!!!

Oh, oh, Baki-chan you wanna be my shameless loverchapperoune?
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Monday, April 11th, 2005

Subject:ENOUGH! (butcher post 001)
Time:12:47 pm.
Mood: crazy.
Enough with the horrible redneck accent!
ENOUGH with horrible shinobi life!
Number One, take a fucking hike you stupid demon!
I am TIRED of being treated like I am everyone's woman! *finger snap hair flip*
I am GOING to be a STAR!! A STAR!

*busts out a microphone and sings*

"It's a beautiful life oh oh "

I've decided to sign up for the "Sunagakure Idol"
I will render them speechless with MY SINGING!
And boobs!
Boobs never hurt!
Oh my god, I totally forgot, like I TOTALLY need new outfits. OH MY GOD!!! TOTALLY!!
*prances off followed by a spot light*
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Thursday, February 24th, 2005

Subject:Work, work, work...
Time:5:00 pm.
Mood: accomplished.
That's all I do'round'ere.
The Lightnin' an' the Hidden Rain are drivin' me friggin' crazy. These two morons dun wanna cooperte, all 'ey want is for me tae say "Hey, have a field trip, kill each other" Believe me, I'm so fed up with these people that I'm on a damn verge tae let it happen that way. All 'ey do all day is complain' how the peace ain't easy to achieve. Well if ya WANT god damn peace, get o'er yerselves an' save yerselves an' ME some time, quit arguin' o'er stupid crap an' get down tae business.

Good news came when Baki-kun returned from 'is mission. I hada faith in'im tae bring me those two back for interrogation, an' he did. Good job. The Sand Siblings have also come back with positive results. Hiroshi-san, I am SO sorry 'bout the loss o'yer son.

Now, I'm gunna hava word with Leaf Council, cuz it seems tae me 'ey're forgettin' that even though we MIGHTA lost the war, that ain't the reason tae get snobby. We are, still, the second largest military power, an' the strongest village after the Leaf, so if 'ey want allies, REAL alies, an' not havin' tae worry 'bout lookin' over 'eir shoulder, I better be start GETTIN' people who AIN"T GENIN on diplomatic missions to the Sand. Ya EITHER send someone who's qualified OR DUN SEND NO ONE AT ALL!! I DUN HAVE time tae babysit yer brats, quite frankly.

Imma only gonna say this once. I ain't 'ere tae babysit. I ain't 'ere tae feel sorry for myself. I am quite capable o'standin' up for this village, AN' its people. Imma gonna let this one slide, but 'ey better remember that even IN 'eir position as victors, 'ey need us tae cover 'eir backs, ESPECIALLY with Orochimaru prancin'round like a good ol' gay boy he is. Or a girl. Whutever suits ya

All work an' no play, makes Kazekage-sama a lil' crazy.

I've heard Jiriaya-sama is on 'is way on an important mission. Perhaps he'll stop by once it's all good an' done, I could use some company
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Tuesday, February 8th, 2005

Subject:More business out of the way.
Time:11:22 am.
Mood: aggravated.
The aformetioned people sent on missions haven't sent a word o'bad or good news.
Which is good an' bad at the same time.

Transferrin' the regulation from Council is a pain in my neck. I ain't got a good night sleep in, maybe ages. My body's startin' to wear out on me, an' it's hard tae keep ya know who in check. I can't sleep, well, cuz work keeps me up all night, an' I dun have time tae indulge myself eatin', so the ONLY other thing I can do to releive stress Well there's, two, but it's been a slow fall an' winter, with all the events an' everything is smoke. Which I've been doin' lotsa more lately. I can't drink, cuz time it takes me tae recuporate from drinkin' is the precious time I'll be loosin' on work.

Now, ya gotta know i didn't come tae this office thinkin' it's gunna be a walk in a park. I've been workin' with the past Kazekage-sama (may his god damn soul rest in peace) an' I know just how difficult it is. But after all the screw ups with Orochimaru, an' the Leaf, an' bunch of other villages, I hafta work double, or even triple time on this. Not tae mention the additional work load the Wind Lord's been sendin' our way.

On one hand, great for the economy.
On the other hand, bad for ninjas.
We've suffered great losses in the bloody war, but in order for us tae stay the second military power after the Leaf, we hafta improvise. An' these improvisations dun make me happy one bit, but I am runnin' outa choices here.

Saito my brother came back by the palace the other day. He wus not a 48 hours back from a mission as I had tae assign'im tae other places. He ain't complainin', most experienced Jounin had tae be through worse. At least now we're gettin' more money. But it's gettin' better. I hafta meet with the Lightnin' an' the Waterfall representatives today, it seems that 'eir forces are diminished as well, in the war with each other..

Funny, how 'ey chose the SAND tae be the neutral ground for 'eir establishment o'peace, but since Leaf's now Kage-less...Sometimes I really, REALLY wanna smack those stuffed headed Council Members an'eir courts upside the heads. One'd think 'ey'd know just how HARD ninja's life is.....

Whoever thought o'the rule that the strongest ninja's are the Kage's wus a genius. It takes time tae break in the new people, tae make the Council work with ya. Yah, sure 'ey elected me. But electin' someone an' actually workin' with someone are two different things. But I ain't one o'em quitter persons. I'll make this work even if it's the LAST GOD DAMN THING I DO!

Well, time tae smoke my last cigarette an' head out tae the meetin'.
I need a night on the town.
Or somethin'.
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Monday, February 7th, 2005

Subject:Why dun these people tell me things?
Time:6:48 pm.
Mood: annoyed.
Ya know, one expects since becomin' a Kazekage, I'd get full on information 'bout everythin' that's goin' on in this village, but no.

The Council thinks only'ey have the right to my full attention. Bunch of crap. So, I just came back from'a'meetin' an' 'ey tell me that there's a Jounin from the Leaf waitin' on official document from the Sand. The hell? No one ever TOLD me 'ey agreed with the Leaf's Council there'll be anyone comin' here. AIN'T THAT A MAGICAL MISSION?!!

So I hadta make an ass outa myself an' hand 'er that document that wus JUST made up...
I swear...
Imma gunna have a talk with Council...I expect ALL the information tae be related tae me, NOT just whut
ey think I should know. HOw embarassin'.

I ain't some no body no more, I am the Kazekage...
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Wednesday, February 2nd, 2005

Subject:Orders given.
Time:12:14 pm.
Mood: accomplished.
Ah. I'm exhausted, but I still gotta a whole crapload o'work tae be doin'. *lights a cigarette*
Well, here's the quickie run down o'the stuff I hadta take care'o'.

First, Baki, report tae me on a double, yer gunna be sent on an S-class mission. I know, I told ya I'm gunna give ya some time off tae deal with yer personal stuff, but we only have so many bodies tae substitute with.
Baki OnlyCollapse )

Sabakuno Siblings OnlyCollapse )

That's all for now.
I need a drink.
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Sunday, January 30th, 2005

Subject:I'm friggin' tired.
Time:1:36 pm.
Mood: crushed.
It ain't over 'till the fat lady sings, an' I ain't fat, an' I ain't singin'.
One thing I know for sure now, is that bein' a Kazekage is the biggest pain in the rear. I ain't got a damn good night sleep in god knows how long, not tae mention all these reports I hadta deal with. But whuddaya gunna do? Eh? Nuttin', that's whut.

I gotta take care o'the most serious business now, now that I am the Kazekage, the only field time I get is when shit's about tae hit the fan, an' we gotta keep it from hittin' that fan at all costs. Ugh. If I find one goddamn gray hair...

I swear, I ain't gunna be surprised. I've been up my damn ears in these reports, investigatin' this shit o'a matter that I ain't likin'. It appeares tae me that once Orochimaru had the nerve tae stab our former Kazekage in the back May 'is soul rest in goddamn peace an' retrieve like the coward he is, with 'is tail firmly between 'is pale, crooked legs he left a trail o'ninjas that were ready tae pledge aliegence tae 'im instead of us. I suspect this case ain't only true in the sand, other villages that got involved, like Hidden Lightnin', Hidden Rain, Waterfall are sufferin' from this as well. Not tae mention HIdden Leaf. Since 'is ambitions tae take o'er the damn village, I wouldn't be surprised if 'ey had a rodent problem.

It's a long list o'names, but one name didn't surprise me. Shurito Urino. Ah, there's a name I haven't heard in years, an' years. Damn bastard, dinna know he's gunna turn 'is tails an' run. I just came back from a mission, that dinna end so well for a few persons. But, alas Shurito, my old buddy managed tae slip through our fingers....

No matter.
I wus relactant tae send 'em after 'im but the times call for desperate measures.
Lets just hope I know whut I'm doin'
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Wednesday, October 20th, 2004

Subject:HOLY SHIT!
Time:11:52 pm.
Mood: crushed.
Whut the HELL wus I thinkin' when I agreed tae take this damn job???!!
I wus prolly drunk off my damn ass too. Shoot! The last Kazekage-sama, God bless 'is soul, left SO much friggin' mess, I ain't too damn sure whut tae do with it.

It's a mess.
Things are a mess. I hafta work so much harder than any other Kazekage..but I dun mind. I guess I've decided I'll make it right for these people, an' that's whut I intend on doin'.

We were just done issuin' our damn official appology to the Leaf an' our agreement of surrender. It ain't too bad, all 'ey really wanted wus an agreement o'not attackin' an' abulity tae ask our jounins for help tae defend, in case 'ey might need it.

I thought it wus a good idea. I told 'em we can't spare many bodies, cuz we've got our own shit tae deal with, but 'ey seem tae be understandin' 'bout it.

But once this delegation left the other one arrived, an' that just ruined my mood. I weren't gunna even let'em in, but it's Damiyo...

He wants us tae take responcibility for the war with the Leaf.
THat means I hafta travel tae the capital city an' answer 'is questions.
I dinna even wanna think 'bout it.
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Thursday, October 14th, 2004

Subject:It ain't easy...
Time:12:44 am.
Mood: contemplative.
It ain't easy but we gotta move on.
I ain't gunna tell myself it didn't hurt tae find 'im in that grave.
An' that I didn't wanna cry.

I did.
Ya ain't gunna wake up one mornin', an' not see someone who wus important an' not give a damn.
It wus a shock.
A slap in the face if ya will.

The Council set up emergency meetin', an' I had tae be present. So did Baki. There were some people from the Leaf, an' all I could do wus clench my fist as I listened tae 'em explain, how it wusn't our fault. We lost the war. We lost this....

It wusn't a good day fo' me or anyone else, I assumed.
I dinna wanna see anyone, till the moment when I'd open my eyes tomorow mornin'.
But as I wus leavin', 'ey caught up with me.

"Yanagi-san... It has been decided by this Council that due to the death of the Thirteenth Kazekage-sama, the village of the Sand needs a new leader."

I turned on my heels.

"So whut ya want with me?"

"We would you like...YOU...to be that person."

My jaw dropped.


I wus never more shocked in my entire life.

"Are ya outa yer minds? Ya want me...tae lead? The whole village? Are ya nuts?"

The Lord smiled.

"Absolutely not. The Council agreed that you are the most suitable person. Not to meantion the strongest ninja."

I sighed an' reached for my cigarette.

"I....I hafta think 'bout it. Do I hafta tell ya my answer now? It's a big responcibility, I hafta be sure I can do this. I hafta be sure...yer decision wus a right one."

'ey nodded.

"Of course. We'd like to get the answer as soon as possible, this is a critical situation. We're open for attacks from other villages. Leader is needed. But we can't force you."

"Tomorow noon."

I said.

"That be a'ight?"

"Tommorow noon it is."

'ey left. An' my head wouldn't stop spinnin'. I dunno...

Whut am I gunna do?

I decided I needed a drink.

An' an advice.

I'm gunna see Gakusha sensei.

But I definately need a drink.
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Friday, October 1st, 2004

Subject:Yanagi isn't here... care to leave me your nightmares? (Obviously from Number One's POV)
Time:10:21 pm.
Mood: excited.
It's a marvelous thing.
There's nothing better than war. Maybe pointless, human sacrifice, in their ridiculus fear that they will ward themselves against my kind.

How pathetic. Seeing all that blood, all those shattered dreams make me stirr with excitement. There's nothing quite like it. The smell of the adrenalin rushing, screams, smell of freshly spilt blood, cries. People are rushing, fighting their lives played out on a line. WHAT CAN BE BETTER???

But all that aside.
Yanagi chan doesn't let me indulge myself too much these days. *snicker* Silly little girl. She's just like she was when I became her master. Ah yes, she tells everyone it's the other way around. Ahahahaha. It's actually fun to listen. But she hardly knows that I'm IN this partnership - that's what you, simple humans call it- just because I enjoy it a lot more than she does. If that wasn't so....

She let me have fun with one of those ninjas. Mmmmm...precious nightmares. It amuses me so to see them tear themselves appart, maddened by their own dreams. Human brain is the BEST torture device, if one knows how to use it correctly. There's nothing in the air but the smell of death and regret. And I like it. It tastes so sweet.

And then came that girl...
Kei..was her name?
You humans have the most ridiculus habbits. But that aside. Her brother was slaughtered. Such a beautiful sight. She fought sort of hard, her emotions cast aside. AHAHAHAHAHA. How naive. Humans tend to think that they have the ability to cut a part of their body and not feel the pain. They tend to believe that if they want it hard enough the biggest emotional wound will never hurt. How delightful. I enjoyed watching her re-live the death of that boy over and over. I even allowed her imagination play a little with me, by giving him a worse death than he has already suffered EACH time it played in her sweet little head.

If it wasn't for Yanagi chan's own stupidity... I would have killed her. There's nothing better than that. I would have claimed her soul...No one really knows what happens to those that die of my hand....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. How delightful. But one day, we shall meet again.....little sword using child.

But the boy, Kouga, has been seen dead. That means I will have the joy of witnessing her (Yanagi) suffer over this. It amuses me so. It excites me so. I fail to understand why you humans hold on to the pathetic sheet of insanity you call soul. What's good about it? Its only worth is powering the eternals infernos of Hell.

And your only meaning is to serve my kind. But...I think I've got a little carried away. The little girl is asleep. Yanagi chan.... The soul that she has sold for a peace of mind is burried deeply within my being. I wouldn't let her die...of course...but sometimes...it's so much fun to watch her struggle to preserve her humanity, even though both of us know....

That in the end.
She will be mine.
All I have to do is wait.
She will become like me.
Be one of us.
That thought makes me excited.
I can't wait untill her own cure corrupts her.
She'll make one hell of a looking demoness.
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Saturday, September 18th, 2004

Subject:War...and Demons.
Time:2:18 pm.
Mood: infuriated.
The Jutsu ha'been dispelled.
The demon within me called. He wuz growin' excited, an' I coulda felt the blood lust seepin' from my own skin.

"Yanagi chan"
He called tae me.

"Will you feed me their nightmares?"

I nodded. We've been waitin' for so long.
He's been a good and obidient entity, I see no reason tae hold'im back now.

Somethin's fuckin' wrong with the Kazekage - but I ain't too sure whut it is. But no matter. Now, I hafta help with this war.

I am who I am, an' the Sand Head Protector suddenly weighs much more. I lost the sigh o'Temari chan an'er brothers at the stadium. I have faith 'ey will come on top. Baki ain't a little prissy boy, he's a top Suna Jounin fo' a fucking reason.

As soon as I used Kai tae dispell my own jutsu, I realized myself face tae face with two Leaf Nins. I think 'ey were enjoyin' the advantage in numbers. Dunno though.. I spat out my cigarette.

"Sand Ninja"

One 'o'em hissed.

"Get the fuck outa my way an' save yer cowardly asses"

I harped back. 'ey laughed. I think 'ey found it amusin'. Not for long would 'ey be laughin. Ain't the first time I hafta take on an opponent bein' at a disadvantage.

Number One stirred.

"Let me out.."

He pleaded. I agreed. I formed few seals an' released three gates.


I did as he asked. Sometimes, although I deny myself the knowledge o'that, I enjoy seein'im kill. I released two more gates. I think 'ey were a bit surrpised when instead o'one o'me there were two o'us.


That wus the last word one'o'em uttered. It ain't no secret, no one's been able tae fight Number One and lived tae tell'bout it, but me. An' I'm 'is tamer.

The death Leaf Nins found wus a releif from whut Number One unleashed upon'em. 'eir worst nightmares, every single horror he has seen were unleashed upon 'em, 'eir brain explodin' from the images overload.

It ain't a kind death, but I dun care. We're enemies, an' on a battle field everythin' goes. 'ey clawed, gnawed at 'eir own flesh, callin' an' talkin' in voices, pleadin' to 'eir god tae save'em from this never endin' horror. But there ain't no salvation at'is wake. There ain't no mercy. There ain't no forgivin'. Just horrors, endless and indescribable horrors. Pain. Fear.

For those o'ya who never dealt with a demon, I wouldn't be able to even describe whut ya feel when yer in 'is control. There ain't words in this language tae properly draw the picture of whut's goin' on. An' even if there were, trust me, ya dun wanna know.

He dropped 'eir mangled bodies where 'ey stood. Every laceration, every scratch, every broken bone, every patch o'torn off skin, EVERYTHIN' wus 'eir own doin'. I dinna touch'em with a tip o'my finger. Number One then retrieved from where he came. I stepped o'er a pile o'bones an' ran lookin' for another fight.

I leapt down into the arena, where a mess o'bodies an' opponents, an' made my way through tae the exit. Right 'bout when I was gonna step through the gates I stopped dead in my tracks.

I dinna see the beginnin' o' the battle, but I saw the end.
"Die you Sand Bastard!!"

I dinna want to see the end 'o this promisin' young jounin, but apperently this wus it. Kouga's throat wus slashed, as he fell down tae the ground, 'is head turned an' I caught 'is last glance.

An' then I saw red. I remember myself methodically breakin' every single bone in the Leaf Nin's body with Thousand Hands, makin' sure he wus alive tae feel it all. Demon purred, an' that sound drowned out all the voices that screamed tae me to stop. I stopped only when the Leaf Nin wus no more.

Then turned to Kouga...
Temari-chan....this'll devastate'er. I picked up 'is body an' began makin' my way towards the gates.
There ain't no mercy in my heart.
No more.
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Tuesday, August 3rd, 2004

Time:6:15 pm.
Mood: cranky.
Dun these people know how to fuckin' knock?
I told Baki, friggin' knock, ya dumb idiot!
He bursts into my damn room, an' I'm gettin' dressed. Whut the hell?

stupid moron.

We're goin' back to the Sand this mornin'. He tol' me, Temari-chan wus prolly havin' 'er nigthmares again. Ugh. Poor kid.

Yare. Oh. An' this too.
Someone found this picture'o'me with a fancy background.
Whut the HECK do ya suppose ya need a damn fancy background for?

I ain't happy..
I ain't happy with this..

Picture'o'meCollapse )
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Saturday, July 31st, 2004

Subject:Yare Yare
Time:3:46 pm.
Mood: contemplative.
I ain't been writin' in this damn thing, cuz I ain't been havin' free time to do things like that. It ain't easy bein' here, cuz every day I hafta be prepaired, be alert, well it ain't like I'm complainin' 'bout bein' a ninja, 'nyway.

Kazekage sama has instructed us to go back, 'bout two weeks or so before the actuall finals begin. Baki's been propin' the gennin to work 'eir hardest in trainin', an' I should say I'm pleased to see Temari-chan workin' it up to her good will to train as much as she can.

I've been lookin' o'er 'em, the brats I mean. It ain't easy to watch o'er someone like Gaara-sama, but then it ain't 'is fault he turned out to be this way. We've been gettin' things ready fo' more Sand Jounins arrival, an' one 'o'em is Temari chan's former teammate.

An' then I dunno, Baki's been expressin'is concearn 'bout Temari-chan's cute friendship with one of Konoha's ninjas. I didn't expect'er to find friends in such a place, but sometimes even I believe, everythin' happens for a damn reason. She seems a lot happier....

It ain't like that, honest. I dun think o'it this way. I know, on my own damn skin, that sometimes, when ya have someone tae talk to, ya feel better in the end. Ya feel easier, it dun have to be love or lust or somethin' like that. I ain't gunna say 'nythin' to Kazekage-sama, why ruin the poor girl's life, it has already been ruined.

I think everyone needs a peice o'happiness, an' unfortunately fo'er she hasn't been given one. Perhaps this boy can give'er whut many failed, an' that is a shoulder to cry on. Although I doubt a girl like'er would cry, but I'm just sayin', ya know? Someone who'd sit there an' listen to ya, without any backplan could make a difference in yer life.

Bein' a Kazekage's daughter ain't easy. She's the first born into the family, an' that's one o'the very important things in our village. I'm sure she's had 'er share o'two faced assholes, that would love tae use a young girl tae get whut 'ey want. Lucky fo'us Temari-chan's a smart girl.

So, I say, there's no harm in it, so there ain't a reason tae break it. Let the kid have some fun...

It ain't gunna be there forever.
She must as well enjoy it while it lasts.
Godo's been buggin' me 'bout gamblin' although, I must say, I have won a ton o'money cuz o' the Sand Team. 'eir breakin' o'the old record brought in much dough, an' I've been tellin'im not to worry. With all this money I've won, it'll be enough for both o'us fo' the next few trips.

An' I ain't givin' up on smokin' and drinkin', Godo, ya asshole!
Screw ya!
I know whut I'm doin'!
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